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I have the big green button for Home Builders that says that we are broadcasting New Home Construction live to all attendees it is 1000 m so I will get this going good morning everyone I’d like to welcome you all to the stop work order it’s a virtual summit to rebuild your construction business while the rest of the world is on pause I’m joined today by a commander Rorke Denver retired navy seal so thank you sir for being here this morning thank you happy I pursue it and before we kick things off with commander denver this is the first day of the Home Builders summit so I’d like to introduce you to the program as a whole you may have seen this on the website you may have glazed over it more likely but you should honestly be getting thousands of dollars New Home Construction of value out of this this is the type of the thing that could easily be packaged up and sold for 2000 but we’re bringing it to you today for free I’m really excited about this all you have to do is is show up and we even made that as easy as possible for you so here’s what’s coming down the line first we’re going for 10 days it’s 10 AM eastern right now it nests and we’re gonna be broadcasting monday through friday at 10 AM 70 AM for our pacific friends every day for the next two weeks we are taking the weekend off but ten days second this is a live New Home Construction broadcast so you will first of all here and me mess up plenty of times but you will also be able to ask live questions of our presenters commander denver is here with us today so this is a spectacular way to be going through this together, so Home Builders please type your questions in the chat box you can type them at any time I’m reading them as they come in and we may find time to address them during the presentation but regardless I’m asking a commander denver your questions after he finishes his presentation so I’m looking forward to that part orca specifically said there are no curve balls that he can’t hit isn’t that not right served I hope so I so we’ll say somebody’s gonna throw it nasty one and I’ll eat my words right just to test the system please people out there watching type something into the chat box maybe introduce yourself your name where you’re from so that we know a the zoom is working and be that you are paying attention so please get those chats in there now we will see them as they come see what happens from there as that’s happening third piece of new home construction housekeeping after this presentation concludes we will post it up into the facebook group you’ll be able to go back and watch it but more formally we’re going to continue the conversation in that chatroom these free bonuses are just incredible a home builders community chat rooms those are usually paid features it’s free we want everyone to come together in this next  I’ll be sending you home builders out fast action worksheets every day so today you’re gonna get a fast action worksheet so you can take what we’ve learned here today and apply immediately into your business so do that exercise do these exercises every day of the fast action worksheets the group activities new home construction accountability again usually these are all paid features they’re free during the summit I’m really excited to be bringing into your day over day what do you think roy coming back each day this is gonna be some good stuff yeah I’m just gonna live online for about a week perfect that’s what we’re all doing right now anyway you and speaking of every day we will be right back here tomorrow with steve baker he’s the vp of the great game of business is a very charming fellow they are really the best I have found and I’ve looked at making financials simple and promoting open book management so get ready to get your accounts in order tomorrow if you know anyone else that can war from this program send them the registration page for them the email you’ve got when you registered now I have heard that that email is not necessarily working the auto email again let me know in the chat if you’ve got that email because if not I will get it to you later today so if you can forward it on so it’s an email that has both a link to the home builders facebook group and a link to register so you forwarded on people can join in so I wanna spread the word and get it out there the website is the stop work order dot com we’re not closing that site we’re accepting late comers to the party so I know you’re excited to jump into this just one more point I’ll say it again this program is free 10 days of free presentations follow on do the exercises make the most of your time that said everyone that you’re gonna be learning from is a professional in some sense you’ll likely wanna work with some of us in the long run so please do that I don’t feel any obligation but the end of every presentation I will ask everyone where can we learn from them where do they live on social media or how would they like people to reach out to them we have some serious new home construction firepower assembled for you over the next couple of weeks so please take advantage of it so that is enough from me I think you probably agree let me please turn it over to why you are actually here commander work on her thank you so much for leading the charge for the stop work order please take it away yeah my pleasure thanks for having me and thanks for let me kinda kick things off I gotta tell a story before we jump into it