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What’s amazing about the digital format for home builders is these break way rooms, so you can break into groups. So depends on the numbers work out but three to six people in a new home construction group and then you take a collaborative approach to a case study. Alright, so the case study is a problem is presented to everybody and in your group, let’s call five people each work… You work through it together to come to a group answer of sorts then your group selects a presenter and that presenter delivers the presentation to the conference as a whole so you actually want the unique solutions from each of the groups you learn from your individuals in your team. Is this whole meeting of the minds and it’s really powerful… If you’ve ever been to one before I’m a huge proponent obviously because I’m loving that in this up.

Alright, after that workshop, probably take a break, right?

We go back into our groups. You, as a home builders group, just worked together to solve a hypothetical problem. Now you’re gonna work together to help each other’s problems. Can we call this a hot seat? So each person brings their burning question to solve or what’s the one thing that you wanna leave here having solved and you let the other four members of your group help you through that.

Okay, so you’re going to leave with a new lease on life, right? You have people showing you the way learning from their experience to help you through your personal experience as a home builder and then now that you’ve got this new lease on life, then it’s time for the cocktail party, right? We’re gonna use the breakout room function again, but we’re gonna increase the size of the groups.

Maybe nine, right? If you do in, on your, zoom call, it’s a pretty bunch looking function, and that’s not too many people were inside overwhelming, but you’ll meet some new home construction people in it. More casual atmosphere. And we put a timely mount called 15 minutes, every 15 minutes, we’ll shuffle up the rooms. You’ll meet a new group of people and it’s an incredible way to connect with one another from all over the world and really make the most of this virtual time together.

The comradery and the community of home builders are really the biggest benefits.

I guess that’s whatever you know what I mean?

Presentation, workshop, is why I forget that this thing is here it is.

He entered on a… Then I have you… Alright, the leis saying the community, right? The comradery that’s the biggest benefit of this whole thing. We’re gonna make this an awesome experience for new home construction. That’s just a definite right, that stuff saying the works already is going to be great, but at the end of the day, the day is over the community and this ability to learn from one another, over time is really the strength of this program. So consider the admin of a small office, right?

They have, they have maybe another admin to bounce ideas off of and they may not really be able to learn everything from their job deity out there to be learned, but they may have met in the virtual happy hour, and they know that he’s happy to talk about what she’s been doing she’ll take the call and give her some guidance based on her experience. Same with project managers for home builders, right?

Someone met Roy in a breakout room and they’re like, “I gotta talk to that guy, he’s doing some things that I don’t know how to do.

Great, everybody’s able to level up together. Okay, so type it in the chat. Now I am curious who’s on board with this? We’ll move from the Hello chats to the ion board checks from there. Let’s talk about our new home construction founding members. Bonus package. Because I want all of you who are watching right now to go over to the stop-work order.

I mean, let me actually change up my board again, and I don’t want everybody to go to.

So you do you’ve done, you got to be an “esoteric that’s W, I promise to order dot com, a very important tea as he is to go on roses.

So, a home builders contractors collective, the stop-work order dot com as…

Oh no, so this is a total no-brainer, it’s effectively 250 bucks for the conference, right? We’re doing it four times 250 per conference. That’s dinner. A movie, right? Let’s do this. So being that I’ve got you guys here, on this call, I really want you to join so I’ve gotta take it to the next level. Alright, there is a bonus that’s on the website that starts with the 90-minute strategy session.

You are currently working towards some new home construction goals.

Or they’re OT. We’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna take time to think through those goals, okay? Whether they are for your role, for your division for your company as a whole, we’re gonna get very clear on what your priorities are, what your next actions are.

Alright, you’re gonna end up being a home builders success story coming out of this program because it really is, it’s just set up to knock it out of the park. There are no questions about that.

We’re also gonna set you up with weekly check-ins.

Okay, so this is when we jump into the power of the new home construction group right away, you’ll have a 15-minute accountability call every week so I, I… You have to hold yourself accountable.

Others are gonna hold you accountable, you have to hold them accountable to execute on your priorities.

Alright, this is really motivating stuff. It really moves the needle, and it doesn’t take too much time out of your day, it’s 15 minutes once a week to make an impact on what you are personally doing so you can do this, you will definitely do this monthly coaching. We talked about hot seats, as part of the conference. I erased it, but we talked about hot seats.