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When you people be learning new home construction, get a handle on your budgets, I get a handle on your schedules. The more people that know that the better everyone is geared to answer questions. As they come home builders, going back to Steve Baker with the great game of business, the better they are to impact the financials as well. If you understand the costs of materials you understand scheduling how long something takes which of course people are measured in time, so understanding your schedules understanding your estimates will then also help you understand your financials bring all of this together into a knowledge ecosystem people, and the people that know the answers are in your new home construction company, they can teach the others. This is a big part of Lisa’s, presentation is let’s talk to our framer and let’s remove his not Let’s get A I… And then insert that into other people around the company so that they understand what he’s doing. What’s the most important thing for everyone to understand, is estimating scheduling, that’s effectively what we do day in and day out. Project management, it is the key skill. So make sure people are tightened up on their capabilities there.

Alright, any more home builders comments for Lisa? Please throw those into the chat and from… We saw… We’re going to pop over to Steve Jones.

I’ll start taking comments for Steve Jones too. For me, personally, I had a lot of fun with this one, I know that it was a very different from everyone else, that was on purpose. I wanted to take one segment of new home construction… We got 10 days. Let’s throw a curve ball for one day. Let’s talk about something that no one ever talks about. And that is a initiator. Nd NG construction companies hardly talk about branding, if at all, and just the impact of having a brand out there that is, that has raving fans. That’s at the end of the day. Why do you have a home builders brand? And so that everyone knows who you are, people talk about you in a really positive way and you are out in front of the competition if you’re in the residential world, especially home services being locally famous, people know who you are, so that when the time comes to redo their roof, they know who they’re calling.

It’s not Googling home builders in my area, it’s… Oh, I know, Jon-Jon, the roofer, he’s the best around.

My cousin had John the roofer come in is called my cousin. Or who should I talk to it, John? The root verses gonna be their best sales rep that they’ll send my way, is not gonna bug.

So building that new home construction reputation in your marketplace is critical to customer customer awareness raving fans, it’s how you’re really able to establish yourself in the marketplace for LE.

It’s worth I’ve heard from… I learn a lot from outside home builders of construction. I think that’s important to do. And there was, there was an interview, I was listening to was you know, it, it was actually in our… Do I don’t know the CEO of Portal sports is all about digital media and saying that the big winners right now and this whole thing or people are groups of brands because that’s all people that that’s all people know. So I thought that was really, really hit the nail that Steve was talking about.

Yeah, thank you, here. It wasn’t about your home builders logo, right? Branding is not changed up your logo, okay that’s a very regular thing, for people to think. Change your logo.

Just being old school not caring about much in the way of branding or like in… If your company name is three initials you’re probably in trouble from a branding perspective, there’s not much, it’s hard for people to remember stuff like that. You need to make a difference that way. So if you’re using your own initials. Start to use your name.

The sad that sort of thing.

Be consistent, have strong new home construction core values, there’s also carried through to the second week by the way, about core values. So who you are is part of your brand. Think about Elena money garment in her presentation, and who they are. They have a very, very strong brand in their marketplace and it’s all about who they are, those four core principles that’s their story. So, be different, not better, create an experience and take smart risks.

Okay, so I’m gonna create a new home construction experience I’m gonna use that as a segue into my presentation about the customer experience curate your customer experience, be very purposeful about it.

I could talk about that for days, but I wanna make sure that we pull out all the pieces from everybody, before time goes too long here. Some plans, throw in your comments too, about my presentation about the customer experience, remember the lessons, lessons that I hold dear you can’t work any more hours there aren’t any more hours in the day, so that must not be the answer. Right? Work differently now, I work more to learn from other people’s mistakes.

You’re not gonna live long enough to make them all yourself, make those human home builders connections, right?

A curated experience is a system, your whole business effectively made up of systems whether you know it or not. So be personal purposeful with your systems but work with the people who have to deliver those systems deliver an incredible experience for your clients.

So the Vern incredible experience for your employees, so that they can deliver that client experience.

Going back to the branding presentation. Yeah, it’s not about spending money, it’s about being purposeful.

So, yeah, you don’t need to spend 20-000 on a marketing agency to tell you how to brand yourself. You just need to talk to your people who are, who do you wanna be? Just like Elena is got a manifesto throw manifesto at it, boom. Your brand’s gonna come out of that. And also, yeah, same with branding, not about spending money customer experience isn’t about spending money either. It’s about thinking about it, it’s about talking about it it’s it’s about putting a white board on something a little stronger, then a quarter inch thick tripod, so that you can write on it, brainstorm together work your way through the customer experience and then say, okay, when the customer walks on the job site, what’s that like for them?