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“Live Happily Ever After” – the MacNaughton Quality Assurance Program

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  • The “1982 Guarantee”: Whatever Your Concern, We’ll Take Care of it. You Can Rest Assured That We’ve Been Treating People Right for Almost 40 Years

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Good use of the new home construction summit. So yeah, all 13 ad up it’s 10 all 13 add-up 230 as you’re doing that, okay, it’s got some a couple more numbers coming in, but as you’re doing that, I just kinda wanna let you guys know. This is surveying psychological study that was done that I think is kind of interesting, this type of thing gets used for customer feedback, all of the time and for what it’s worth, when you give us a zero through 10, it’s actually encourage to do zero through 10, because of zero is a big, like, Alright, no, absolutely not, but I… 010 survey. What it means is, someone I give you a nine or a 10, a nine or 10 or effectively the same thing that say Yes, that’s a fan that’s a raving fan. Some I actually… A part of this home builders group, never give anybody a 10 because there’s always room for improvement. So my best grade for something like this, is always a nine, I could always get better. So that’s why. And they know this the…

I think it’s a Harvard business school thing for home builders actually, they know in a 10 is the same thing that’s a raving fan.

A seven or an eight, is in different… It’s like yeah, he was good, it was good. But they’re not gonna be telling their friends and family about the new home construction. And less than a seven believe it or not, six down through Zero is a bad new home construction score. You just have different levels of niceness about how much people don’t like you, right? So, I was six. No, 60 is a lot.

It’s the same thing. So just be aware of that. Alright, so no this is great.

It good amount of the 80 to 00 range, before, a little higher after obviously. So that’s awesome to see. That’s what it’s a little bit of an indicator that this home builders summit has been making some impact for you, so I appreciate that and this is something that you can go back to yourself with regularly. Okay, so that’s that’s you personally taking stock of where you are now, let’s talk about these speakers let’s talk about the wisdom that was put out onto the table. Okay, so I’ve got worksheet number two coming at you.

This is going all the way back to Monday, do you guys remember Monday?

It feels like a month ago, commander or Denver.

A seal amazing, guys. I’m just gonna read these I’m gonna read these my Fast Action Worksheet comments for home builders and then I want you to throw into the chat box. In your takeaways, what are you gonna do about it, share with the group, how you take what commander Denver told us. And you apply it to your company to yourself, Okay constantly improve your new home construction position.

If you look at less you’ll see more.

A king serves men not they, him not allow talking over here a good thing. I brought a big glass of water, and I also put the Stephen press field quote at the bottom for you guys that he was referencing with point number three, I think. So point number two is important here if you look at less you’ll see more that there’s a lot of new home construction going on now, I, I… There’s so many things to consider. This is where focus comes into play. So, let’s focus, focus… One thing at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with the whole list of to-dos.

Yes, exactly great point there is it’ll never stop home builders. There’s always something more to do. Take a step back, understand what your priorities are, prioritize and execute. That’s another Navy SEAL thing. Okay, I understand what your priorities are. When the gun battle, first, I love that statement, when or fight when the gun fight first. What’s the most important thing I handle that? And then what’s the next most important thing.

Alright, great, this was the most impactful thing for you home builders at this time. You get the most impact out of day one. I like it when the fire fight and always improve positions.

Love it, great, so yes, and I almost wanna say that’s a theme for me personally, right? Setting up the collective is an idea that came after listening to command her work.

Always improve your new home construction positions. How do we help everybody do that? Let’s come together, let’s work with each other to help each other constantly improve your position.

Alright love, that love command. Or cannot wait to do a camp fire with that guy. Let’s see, day number two, is worksheet number three, with Steve Baker from The Great Game of Business, we spoke about.

No, I mean, I’ve referenced it regularly. We are practitioners of The Great Game of Business of New Home Construction, I really really appreciate what it is that they bring to the table and how they help you manage your team, and really it’s about your team having a complete understanding of financials. So they know how their work impacts the company, as a whole, because the company has to survive, if your company doesn’t get through this, then no one has jobs, the company is more important than the individuals, and if every individual understands that they then understand how their individual contribution comes together in this collective hole that is a prosperous company.

So Steve walks us through this black one “gude right?

These black ones happen. We talked about it too, with Lisa comer and yesterday. Oh, man, I’m go blank. The top from the Semites, events happen 208-911. something’s gonna happen again in the future.

How do you prepare what do you do during that time? takes the fear out of the workforce, communicate with everybody. This is part of that, this is my take on communicating with the construction industry. What do you do?

Hey, you’re not alone.