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Lots & Land

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  • Approved Build Lots For Sale: Start a New Custom-Built Home Immediately So You Can Be Grilling on Your Patio by This Time Next Year
  • Vacant Land For Sale: Work with the Experts Through the Approvals Process and You Will Move Into a Great Neighborhood at a Lower Cost
  • Land Evaluation Experts: Understand Your Lot Choices and Their Impact on Your Home Design, Which Means You Can Build the Home with The Features You Really Want
  • Sell Your Land: List Your Building Lots with a Respected Builder So You Can Showcase a Home that Fits Your Landscape and Appeals to New Home Buyers
  • We Buy Land: Estimate the Value of Your Potential Development, Allowing You To Turn Your Asset into Cash

We Are Land Experts

MacNaughton Builders and MacNaughton Real Estate team up to bring you expert land analysis. Whether you are buying, selling or developing land or building a new home, we offer complete land evaluation services. We have been conducting detailed land evaluations since 1980 and we offer this extensive experience to you.

Before being Home Builders, Kirk MacNaughton was a land developer. In order to have New Home Construction, you must first have an approved building lot to build it on! Being a developer in the Hartford and Springfield area since 1980 has positioned MacNaughton Builders as the local land experts. They understand how the land can be manipulated to build on safely while offering the optimal site layout. It is important to know that some land cannot be built, so a new land buyer must understand the limitations of their building lot. Wetlands and other soft soils can be a problem, as can legal restrictions such as lot-line setbacks and endangered species preservation. Some towns also require a certain acreage of wooded land to remain as part of the building lot.

All told, a raw piece of land should have a professional land evaluation in order to understand the buildability of that land. MacNaughton builders have been land experts for so long that they have worked in every town in the Farmington Valley and the Pioneer Valley. They understand the differences in building codes between the towns and the necessary steps to obtain building approval. Each town is different. One thing that is universal, though, is that “raw land” means land that has not been approved to be built on. “Improved Land” is another word for Approved. If you have a legal building lot, you will be able to start New Home Construction whenever you would like.

Land Sellers

MacNaughton Builders and MacNaughton Real Estate team up to help you sell your land or building lot. We have several plans to maximize the exposure of your property to the right buyers. Let’s talk to set up your customized sales plan.

If you are a land seller, there’s no better partner than a Home Builder. Many potential buyers searching for a new home don’t review the land for sale listings. If you want to sell your land, list it as New Home Construction with MacNaughton Builders. MacNaughton Builders will select the perfect design to showcase the potential of the building lot. Building lots and raw land will sell much faster if the home buyer can see the future already existing on their new spot of land.

Many Home Builders only build on their own land. They are land developers and they build neighborhoods. While this is a fine business strategy, MacNaughton Builders has a Custom Building approach that lets them build whatever you or your land buyer may want, on your land. There are no restrictions on what we can do. We are only limited by the New Home Construction rules of the town you’re property is in.

Land Buyers

Shopping for a building lot for your Dream Home can be complicated. While just about every Real Estate Agent will tell you that they can help you find a lot, very few actually have the experience and know-how to do it competently. Many won’t even walk in the woods. We are land experts and we understand the entire lot purchase process. We can help you find the perfect lot.

If you are a home buyer interested in New Home Construction, you may find the best place to start is the piece of land that you are going to build on. You need a Home Builder that understands the land and helps you visualize what is possible if you are carving out a piece of the New England woods. The natural flow of land in Hartford and Springfield makes for confusing terrain. Some hills may need to be cut down and some low points need to be filled in. It’s important to know how all of this will work. Take a walk through the woods with experienced Home Builders and learn how they think. Learn how they prepare for a New Home Construction job.

Many lots that remain in Western Massachusetts lay back off the road and will require a long driveway. It’s important to see how that lays out and what the price impact may be. These lots may offer the best privacy in the area though, so there is a tradeoff to be made when you are considering hard where you want your Home Builders to locate your new home.

We Buy Land

We buy land for future development. Since 1980, we have completed 25 subdivisions and have developed and sold hundreds of building lots. We understand the land development business. We know how to navigate the complex process of obtaining development approvals. If you are selling a property that you feel has development potential, call us for a free evaluation.

Land development is a long and arduous process, most Home Builders stay far away from it. It can take years to go through the subdivision process to take a large plot of raw land and get approvals from the town to subdivide it into individual building lots. Once you have approvals though, New Home Construction can begin!

A great deal of work goes into the development of land in order to make it an approved building lot. Soil samples must be taken by using test pits and test tubes. If the land is considered wetlands it is removed from the potential of being built on. Within wetlands and over other types of terrain there may be endangered species to consider. Wildlife experts will survey the property and look for animals that will need to be protected from any sort of construction activities. The layout itself is important too because you have to consider what roads will need to be installed. Roads may cross over other wetland areas so that culverts or bridges will be required to access the building lots. Fire departments also need access. This could mean fire hydrant lines or retaining ponds. And of course, as water comes in, water also has to go out. Sewage lines, septic tanks, and other utilities such as electrical and telephone lines must all be considered.