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Aging in Place

MacNaughton Timeless Home: Uncommon Aging-In-Place Features So You Can Live In Your Dream Home Forever

  • First Floor Master Suites: Remove Stairs From Your Personal Space and Leave The Second Floor For Your Guest Rooms
  • Comfort Height Fixtures: Ease Strain On Your Body Regardless Of If You’re Sitting Or Standing
  • Accessible Layout: Extra-Wide Doors and Intelligent Turning Radii Give You Space To Maneuver
  • ADA Hardware: Easy-Turn or Touchless Options Including Illuminated and Motion-Activated Features So You Can Always Operate Your Home, Day or Night.
  • Ramps and Rails: Specially Designed For Future Renovations; Spaces for Ramps and Blocking For Railings Are Installed Now For Hassle-Free Upgrades
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I don’t normally this is where I would be previewing New Home Construction the rest of the day and tomorrow’s program, but this is the end of the program for Home Builders.

Except that it’s not because this program is so good.

I had to figure out a way to keep it going and I did and it’s awesome for New Home Construction.

The only difference is that I can’t make it free anymore. The SOM does cost money to do but that actually doesn’t matter because I made… It’s so good, so impactful for so cheap that you’re gonna have serious trouble. Not becoming a member of the contractors Collective for Home Builders.

It’s just the nature of our program here. But go and live and talking to speakers. I haven’t really told you guys about it as much as I have with friends on the phone and talking all about what we’re doing and asking them. Is this a good idea? And yes, it really is. I get nothing but spectacular feedback from the new home construction industry people, too. It’s not just, it’s not just my mom, right?

So because of that, I have to be clear to you about why this is so stinking awesome, so I’m just gonna get it out of the way so we can dive into our home builders program and really extract the experience and the genius that we were able to glean over the last 10 days. So if you’re with me, we say hello in the chat.

Tell me if you’re gonna join the collective. And yeah, I’m really excited for today. But first, what is the contractors Collective? Is it for New Home Construction?

I’m glad you asked. I love one day conferences but they have their limitations. So I’m gonna start with why this is so good by telling you what it is not. Alright, we’re doing it for one day.

Virtual conference is… So the virtual word is key, because a one-day conference for home builders right?

I had this white born here ’cause I thought I’d be using it every day. I used it once but it’s just good to have. And here we go, we’re gonna use it.

So virtual conferences you have to fly there, right?

Why somewhere? And it’s not just the flight itself, but you’ve got to take the taxi to the airport, you’ve got your baggage fees, you’ve gotta get a cocktail at the hotel bar all of these things add up, right? So this is a 1000 bucks toward your new home construction then you get to wherever the conference is and again you get from the airport to the hotel, so that’s a Uber trip. You have the hotel room itself and expenses that go along with that.

You have to stay there.

Sometimes it’s two nights.

It depends on how you approach it. I usually do a to nighter right?

So this is a not wanna… This is why I wasn’t using the White born all conference long. I’m sticking with it. Be 500 bucks better, make sure it’s still on the screen here.

Yeah, 500 bucks okay, and then you got a register that you gotta register. These are actually a one-day conference could be is 1000 is pretty reasonable for home builders. Some of them are two, but let’s just say it’s 500 bucks. Okay, so all this together, right? This is why I’ve been saying kind of saying the whole time, is a 2000 expense for your company, for each person that you send to one day conference and we’re gonna be that four times, right?

We are going four times to do so. This is 8000 bucks. I mentioned that last Friday, right? This is 8000 bucks that we’re saving you and He, my other marchers here, here we go, eight thousand bucks. That I’m saving you, right, because you don’t need to fly anywhere.

It’s virtual, you don’t need to get a hotel, you don’t need to pay a registration fee for every conference you don’t need new home construction. All four conferences, right? It’s not 8000. we say Let’s just do this for 9-97. okay, so that’s like What you don’t have to pay versus what you do have to pay. Now what’s also important is that this program is five hours long it’s a one-day conference but what I mean by one day is five hours, so you’re already home you can set your day in motion, right? It let’s say we’re starting at 11, 00 AM Eastern. So depends on where you’re living, but if we’re starting at 0am Eastern if you’re on the East Coast, you set your day in motion, you don’t even lose in the day of work. That’s a lot of the problem with getting to a one-day conference is you’ve gotta lose two, three days of work for a one-day conference.

No, you’re not in any days of work, you’re getting five hours of awesome stuff and your day is already emotion. Maybe you go to the conference, and then you close out your day, ’cause you’re on the West Coast, that sort of thing. But either way you still get a full day of work. So that’s one reason why I’m excited about this new world format for home builders. Alright, but tell you what it is not is probably not the best strategy to get you excited about it, but I just kinda lay out why this is so good. Alright, so to get excited, let’s talk a little bit more about the program itself. I got all my stuff is still in hand-hand, shot here.

So we’re gonna do four hours of four hours of content. Okay, so it’s a five-hour conference because you gotta say hello, you gotta say you good by… You gotta take breaks. But it’s for curated pieces for the conference. Okay, the first is a presentation.

So do you like… Do you, have you liked the stop work order?

This is effectively what I mean by presentations, if you liked what we’ve done for the past 10 days, that’s how we’re gonna start this thing with the presentation. You like maybe seals. Do you like CEOS, you like authors? We bring in an expert to teach us something that’s just going to change your world view going forward, it’s an incredible way to start your day is by learning from an expert who has done things that you can’t even imagine the… After you get… That’s a good way to have your coffee. Then we’re gonna break into groups.