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Colonial Kitchen

Made popular in New England, colonial kitchens are classic in their design but have evolved into the showpiece of many new home construction projects. Cabinetry tends to be paneled with layers and depth. Stone countertops and stainless steel appliances are featured prominently as part of the design. Center islands provide a casual dining area or formal staging area for entertaining

Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Colonial Kitchen
Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse design is most usually indicated by home builders with the use of a large basin sink as a focal point in the design. Other elements include butcher block countertops, exposed wood beams, and simple cabinetry. Colors can range from muted whites and woods to pastels that call out the kitchen as the heart of the home

Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman style homes (also called Arts and Crafts houses) are currently the most popular style of New Home Construction in America. Popularized in the early 1900s, craftsman homes are considered by many to be warm and welcoming. A craftsman style kitchen would be identified by their use of wood and stone elements. Earth-tone colors used on multi-paned doors and windows. You should expect to see built-in cabinetry, large fireplaces, intricate woodwork, and a mixture of ‘hard’ materials.

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Master Suites


Cottage Style

Natural and simple is the life of a cottage in the woods. The design rules tend to be casual and less stringent than more contemporary styles. Texture comes from ruffles and lace while the furniture remains classic and squared.

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Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Scandanavian Style Master Suite

Scandinavian Style

Nordic countries prefer a very simple aesthetic that is still warm and inviting. The use of natural materials, primarily wood and stone are the predominant colors as linens, carpets, and window dressings are generally white or neutral. With the color being simplistic, there is room for varied textures to create a cozy atmosphere when the nights are cold.

Coastal Style

Evoking childhood memories of Cape Cod, the Hamptons and the islands of New England, a Coastal design for your new home construction will maintain a blue and white color palette, sometimes allowed to be interrupted by greys. Natural accents such as wicker, rope, and weathered wood lend a place for you to place nautical treasures like shells, fish, and seaweed motifs.


Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Coastal Style Master Suite
Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Bohemian Style Master Suite

Bohemian Style

Despite what you may think, it’s not ‘anything goes’ when you ask your home builder to consider a bohemian style master suite. There are rules, but they are certainly enforced with a carefree attitude. Bold colors and varied textures are encouraged, as is the use of vintage pieces, distressed furniture, and eclectic accessories.


Art Deco Style

One hundred years later, the ‘Roaring 20’s’ has returned with the glamorous, ornate yet sophisticated style of Art Deco. Bold patterns are created using mirrored surfaces and metal accents. The intent of this design is to be bold and different from the bedroom you likely grew up in.


Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Art Deco Style Master Suite

Home Offices


Dedicated Home Office

When work from home is life, your new home construction can include a dedicated home office. Secluded and private, and designed for your personal taste, there is no better place for deep work and loud phone calls.

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Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Nook Office

Office Nook

Set off to the side, or sometimes attached to mudrooms and other service spaces, your home builder can always find a place to create an office nook for those times when you really need a desk to work from!

Family Command Center

Purposefully designed to be centrally located, a family command center is perfect for the busy household. Students can be seen while your cooking from the kitchen, or playtime activities can go on without interruption as you view from your desk.


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Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Flex Room Office

Flex Room

Expecting guests? Need a place for a train set? When you embark on a new home construction project, the future is almost always unclear. A flex room is perfect to accommodate your office needs while leaving room for whatever the world might throw at you


Outdoor Living


Front Porch

Cold iced tea in a rocking chair under the shade of your front porch. Is there anything more relaxing? I home builder can make this dream come true, whether you’re looking for the wide, tapered columns of a Craftsman, the ionic pillars of a Colonial or a wrap-around Farm House, complete with swinging bench.

Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Front Porch
Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Patio


Backyard living is an important part of a new home in New England. Paver stones or poured concrete provide that solid ground for your BBQs while the dog plays in the yard.


Be the master of your domain, perched over your land with your new home behind you. Traditional lumber decks or modern composite material options are available. New home construction isn’t limited to the house itself, for some, nothing is more important than the custom design of their deck to fit their needs. Need a table for 8? You can round out a large seating area. Want to keep the fire away from the kids? A multi-tiered deck might be what you’re looking for. Whatever you’re dreaming, it can be built.


Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Deck
Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Front Screened Porch

Screened In Porch

Can’t stand bugs? Neither can we. Screened in porches let you enjoy the outdoors at all times of day. Don’t worry about getting bit during morning coffee or evening cocktails again. Add in storm window inserts and you can be enjoying the outdoors for most of the year.


Outdoor Kitchen

A modern take on an ancient tradition – cooking outside. A second kitchen has become the favorite accessory to ask for from your home builder. Appliance technology has advanced to the point where no ask is too crazy. The outdoors is not just for grills anymore. Ovens, stovetops, wet bars, and smokers can all be laid out along with counter space and prep areas. Everyone gathers in the kitchen anyway, why not take it outside when it’s nice?


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Agawam Massachusetts Home Builders | Gallery Pool

Pool Area

The happiest place to be for children of all ages – the pool is where the party is. A beautiful fence surrounds a patio that keeps your family and your neighbors safe while providing privacy from those nosy deer at the tree line.