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Physical Address: 10 Rolling Green, East Granby, CT 06026
Mailing Address: PO Box 270 East Granby, CT 06026

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Again, we really are. I am mixing Steve and Alena. I’ll take comments in both Steve Andean. Especially ’cause we’re running on time here. But culture is strategy. Who are you proud to be? What do you wanna be more of? Do you live according to your values or do you need to change your home builders values? Because if you say your values with this, and you are doing this, that’s all one culture is tumble, you either need to live to your values or you need to change your values. If you’re not doing one of those two, then you have then your minds yourself, is basically, at the end of that, what’s happening?

Alana money garment found herself in that position. They were very clear about their new home construction values, they were not living up to them, they faced a crisis of identity and with that they got everyone in the room and they said We’re going to write a manifesto. We’re gonna change this. So that’s an awesome approach to solving that problem and just being very purposeful being, transparent, being honest with us, about what they had to go through to get to where they are as such, a dominant regional builder like they are.

So we have a common on Allen’s approach to firing for bad attitude, especially appealing it’s very brave to decline a customer for being a bad fit. It’s really hard, right?

It takes home builders bravery is a great word to do that because those contracts, it can be really big, they can be really good business, but what do you have to go through to earn that business, what do you have to do to deliver the product? Do you really think it’s worth it to you the home builders at the end of the day, to be in these relationships that are that are as a stalling if not sourced dealing work with the people that you wanna work with? An abusive… Yeah, seriously, I assessed… So what’s great about Ali’s approach is actually when I would again call the customer experience, it’s having the conversation early on, it’s getting everybody on the same page before you come to an agreement with one another, it sets the table so that when when you have a disagreement later down the line something occurs, you could say. Hey, remember we talked about this, this is that time. Now let’s work through the new home construction together.

Same approach for their new home construction employees, same approach for your employees, set the table, the beginning. These are Y, these are our expectations as a company, this is what we expect to see, we know these things are gonna happen, when these things happen, here’s how we address that.

And just being very purposeful and dealing with individuals. One-on-one, as the people that they are. Lastly, we’ll talk about time, going at yesterday. The CEO of shame for 15 years. I said it in the interview yesterday but I’ve gotta go back to the video and just write down literally every question that he said You need to ask yourself.

I haven’t done that exercise yet, but that’s going to be a very powerful exercise with that recording. Every question, it was probably like 30 new home construction questions, right?

Answer those questions for yourself, take the time to think now is the time to lean back more so than ever before, get informed take the necessary action evaluate the future adapt to the new normal communicate with your people step back and take an honest look at your company.

His home builders approach was very similar to that of Lisa L brick common or builders. It probably is not coincidental that they actually, they know each other, they’ve worked together in the past, so they’re very similar approaches, different approaches as well, but we were locking on to the similarities here. So, yeah, take the time to think about where you are right now, take the time to think about what the next best step is for you to do.

I personally think the next new home construction best step for you is to join the contractors Collective. Oh my God, just broke this thing again.

W-W-W dot the stop work order high Coco code. Home builders will have well-secured white boards when that goes off. But no, seriously, love for you to join me on it, I’m really excited for what that’s gonna be more of this better of this with three months between each conference we’re all gonna be able to fully prepare, deliver incredible useful content for you, so I’m very excited about it please join the stop work order dot com. Coco, Coco. I love to see there. But more importantly, I absolutely have loved to have you here. This has been an incredible experience 10 days of presentations that are truly insightful can really help you work through your business. It really, it doesn’t matter what role you have in your new home construction business, what you’ve learned over the last 10 days can change who you are. In your role, how your division operates in your company or even how your company is going into the future.

And I, I can’t thank the speakers, enough for being here. Hey, we did this whole thing for free. So they did it because they wanted to and it could have been June, 70000, or the speakers. It’s probably actually higher than that.

I bet it six digits for free. It’s incredible, you all taking the time out of your days one hour every day is a lot of time. So thank you home builders very much for doing that, I, I’m excited to see where this is gonna take us next. Leaving the New Home Construction Facebook group open to the recordings are posted there for you guys. We’ll see where that takes us, but we know that the next step is virtual conferences. Four times a year, and the plenty more of that came from… Because this is just too exciting to stop doing and I, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Thanks again, and reach out to me, any time you all have my email you get an email from me twice a day, at least.