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Energy Efficiency

MacNaughton Energy Home: Low Utility Bills – Even If Comfort To You Means Being HOT All Winter and COOL All Summer

  • Zip System and ‘Advanced Framing Techniques’: Creates a ‘Continuous Air Barrier,’ Eliminates ‘Thermal Bridging,’ and Increases the Overall Insulation Volume of the Walls, Which Means Your House is Basically Wrapped In a Sleeping Bag
  • High Performance Air Sealing and Insulation: Prevents Air Passage Through Common, Invisible Holes in the Attic and Between Floors So That You Hold the Heat In Your House in Winter and Keep the Heat Out in Summer
  • Energy Star Windows: Maintain Peak Energy Performance with ‘Low-e’ Ratings, Even Where You’ve Cut Holes Into Your Walls
  • Energy Star Lights and Appliances: Run Your Modern Amenities with Minimal Utility Use … You Don’t Have to Compromise Between Lifestyle and Budget
  • Geo-Thermal Heat Pump Option: Use the Earth to Heat Your House And Reduce the Need For Electricity and Gas
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Well, you’re gonna get a head start, Okay, once a month, your home builders accountability group, we’ll get on a call to work through each person’s biggest burning issue. So, you’re gonna solve each other’s problems, once a month. Again, really moving the needle as a collaborative unit, independent of these conferences, just helping each other between conferences. ’cause it’s once every three months, right?

So I can keep going down the path of how much this stuff is worth for new home construction, but I think you get it right. I won’t tell you that. A program like this, usually cost at least 1000 a month, 12-000 per year, but it does so lesson this right here is included, but a counterfeit bill that he, he… That’s actually how you execute. Somebody’s gotta hold you accountable. Because we are awful at holding ourselves accountable. Just look at your gym membership, alright and my yes so… Alright, open up another window right now, I’m gonna let you leave the broadcast for this one. We, the stop work order dot com. Coco, I’d love to see some commoners in the contractors Collective. I’d love to see a few rugby-playing nations join. We have central timers, we have Pacific tiers, we have Atlantic coasters, all of you can come together to learn from each other to embrace this approach to improve the new home construction industry as a whole.

Alright, this should do it, I think, right? But, I tether is there’s one last thing I sent out a little survey. I was actually surprised to get a universal… Yes, from my home builders survey. Okay, so we’re gonna do it. I was like, “I have an idea, let’s ask. And no sound was like a great idea. So I just made this decision yesterday, it didn’t go up on the website, but just trust that as part of the package, if you join the collective today, this is part of your package.

We’re gonna run the CBC.

Maybe it’s the Coco-boo. I don’t know the contractors collective book club for home builders.

Okay, we have that authors speak to you over the course of the two weeks, we have discussed books as reference with business leaders and how important they are. Alright, we’re gonna pull a full bookshelf out of these presentations for you, okay?

There’s 10 books, we’re going to read and discuss those books as another way to connect another way to learn and it’s all included in this introductory price for new home construction.

I know that’s one I… One of my surveys I think summers out there, she’s like… Actually, the conversation is more important than the book itself.

I was like, Great, that’s a great point. So at that point, be made too is the book, the actual club part talking about it is where you get the most out of it so over the next 12 months, 52 weeks, right?

We have five weeks of new home construction.

Her book plus a couple of extra for holidays. So by this time next year, you will have extracted and applied the wisdom of this summit in a Presley paste. But definitely doable as home builders. Group supported method. Alright, I will get you the books however you want them a physical book, a Kindle book, audio book however you are best able to consume the books. That’s how I’m gonna get them to you.

That’s 200 worth of books for free.

Okay, was let that be the last thing to convince you home builders about how serious I am about making this the best group you’ve ever joined to advance your professional well-being by participating in the collective you will be essential you will be the person that not only can’t be fired or fur load the next time something like this comes along, but you’re the person who’s skipping the line from promotions joining this collective at this time, with all of these extra… It’s how you submit yourself as a leader in your company, and if you are the leader, sign your team up, right? This is how you build more leaders.

So I really hope you join me. I am shutting down this new home construction registration page at the end of the day, so if you’re in lock it in WWW-the stop work order dot com. Coco, comes with accountability comes with 10 folks for one day virtual conferences that do not cost you 8000. it costs you 250 per conference.

I’m so excited by this. And I guess I had to get it out of the way to start with a parent. I’m really excited, ’cause I talked for 20 minutes about it, but I just, I have to…

I had to let you guys know about it. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this stand and such, but just put in the chat if you need me to raise the board again, I’ll be happy to do it for you. Let’s get ourselves into the program here.

I said we’re gonna start with the new home construction summit Success System so please start to work through the chat, the chat is starting with Summit Success System worksheet number one, that we are worksheet number one, benchmarking okay, this was an exercise that I was asking you to do coming into the program so I… And so maybe you had did it at the beginning of the program, maybe not, but I did email you this morning about it. 13 questions one through 10.So I’d like you to put into the chat and of your 13. okay, so as you came into the home builders program, what did that add up to be?

And as you’re adding that up I will also say… To basically do it again, right? How do you feel where you are now, having gone through the summit? Okay, so you start with one number that is where you were before, one number that is where you are now.

Okay, personally, anyone that knows me knows I’m a bit of a lunatic, in many ways, but one is I have, I always carry five colored pens with me, it’s my personal system, so I would do one, I would do Blue where I was before, I would do a red where I am now.