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Who’s got responsibility for that? Oh, site superintendent. When the customer walks on the new home construction job site, how do you handle that? What do you do, right?

Do you smile, do you greet do yo you engage, you know, that’s really important for home builders.

Alright, so let’s jump over to Monday. Tell me about hearing a league from the Milwaukee tool in the comments.

I just loved what she was able to jam-pack into half-hour presentation. You can tell that she could present, for an entire half-day herself. There was just so much new home construction to go through in breaking apart your company breaking it in to the people into the culture, into productivity into technology, into strategy, into awareness six pieces of the company that can all be addressed individually. So we talked about some of them specifically, but one thing that we didn’t talk about with her, but on her 6, one of her six pieces was culture. Another one is the home builders strategy, which reminds me to talk about Steve, from pronounces the next day. Culture is a strategy, right? How you address your culture what is your employee experience, what is your subcontractor experience what is your customer experience? That’s all about culture.

“What is your home builder’s culture? That’s a strategy, that’s how you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. differentiation in the marketplace is branding.

See I like it all. weaves itself together into this ideal new home construction business structure that you have set up for yourself, which is far and away better than what you’re doing without in the marketplace.

We all know the home builders marketplace contractors have a well-earned reputation, and you can be different from that, right?

Remember, don’t be better, be different.

The client really doesn’t understand the new home construction difference between better, right? 10% to them is not a ten percent better for you, and you understand that they don’t, they don’t understand the industry, they don’t understand why the one you can say that building that schoolroom is built out in a way that is gonna last three years, of heavy use. We’re building it at 10 years of ever use, you know, they may not really understand that. So you gotta talk about why things are different.

Her other home builders glass box brands are the trend.

That’s cool, I like that word, okay. You need to be able to see the core values, see the culture, and deliver it through transparency. If customers don’t know what they’re going into, they’re gonna go elsewhere right at the end of the day it’s people choose to work with other home builders if they understand, through your glass box brand who you are, and they don’t understand why the other person is they’re gonna do business with you.

Another new home construction term I like, Oh on those lines is operational transparency, really. That’s like having an open kitchen. That’s operational transparency. You can see how the food is being made. You don’t have to open up the back room, you don’t need to tell him how the sausage is made, but showing them enough for them to understand.

So anyway, fatally to her, her resilience. Okay, every day I have the chance to make my business better.

That’s what we’re doing here today, right? That’s what we’ve been doing this week, that’s what we will continue to do with the contractor’s collective every day.

You have the chance to make your business better prioritize and execute in the group. It’s a lot of leaders, right? So this was a K2. Leaders empower your pioneers, investigate your user needs and identify those opportunities, that happens when your people have an idea if your people have an idea or let them explore it because they’re the ones that are feeling this thing happened on their job site something is a little off, they have an idea let them run with it.

It could be a great idea if it’s a great idea, then you’re able to transfer it to all of your other job sites. It could be a terrible idea, but you don’t know, you actually never know what a good idea is versus a bad idea, so you kinda have to let it fly and you have to be okay with that. They have to be okay at that. They have to feel safe, safe that when they make a choice to try something different and it goes wrong that you’re gonna support them.

You can’t get fired for trying something new if it doesn’t go well, we’re gonna learn from it, now that needs to be encouraged, not discouraged. That’s how you become a transformative company, a forward-thinking industry as opposed to what we run into more often than not. So, pilot, those solutions measure the success pivot as necessary. That’s getting real, real technical business school. And I love it, thank you to her. Okay, Steve President of pro or all about culture Chief Culture Officer and A was a lot about culture. Back to back. I don’t think it’s probably not a mistake that the two of them are in the C-suite, right?

They are all about who the people are that you are working with and how you go about that.

Notify your culture right out of your vision, your mission, your values, write it out.

So going back to the comment of the glass box brand, you write it out, you can share it, right?

Poor new home construction gives this stuff to potential employees before they even interview them. “Hey read this, this is who we are. If you don’t like it, we’re good here, right? You are encouraged to find your way somewhere else, Elena money Garmin same idea: conversations with clients early before they come into a contract, they come to an agreement, how are we gonna behave with one and another, right? What’s this relationship gonna be? They are dating before they’re getting married, right?

So, be purposeful about your culture, then higher manage and train to those values.